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        Delivering security solutions to the logistics industry.
        About us


        CHNSEAL Group is a conglomerate that consists of two individual companies: 1) CHNSEAL HUANGSHAN CO. LTD specializing in industry-leading security seals and 2) HONGYESBAG CO. LTD providing high quality courier bags.

        CHNSEAL values continuous improvement and technical product development and invested in data accumulation and R&D practices from 1985 to 1992. In 1992, using 7 years of research CHNSEAL established its security seal factory in Wenzhou, China.

        After winning major Chinese government support programs due to various value-adding achievements within the Chinese security transportation industry, CHNSEAL relocated its headquarters, facilities and production to HUANGSHAN, Anhui Province in 2009.

        The following values and beliefs govern CHNSEAL’s company culture; continuously innovating design, continuously using the power of data to improve products, and continuously exceeding the international standard. Below are some key achievements:

        1.CHNSEAL is the largest security seal manufacturer that has unique Chinese Government local pillar industry support due to its contributions to the security transportation system for over 20 years.

        2.CHNSEAL’s security seals surpasses the C-TPAT required ISO17712 standard and is regarded as the highest standard in the industry certified by China governmental institution.

        3.CHNSEAL manufactures up to 98% of the current market range of products meaning that it is a one-stop-shop that will accommodate all buyers. 

        4.CHNSEAL owns 100% of its factory and operations so productivity and quality is consistently at the highest standard.

        5.CHNSEAL has its own state of the art ISO17712 laboratory, custom mold-making center that can satisfy any tailored customer requirements, product design center for OEM and customized production lines.

        6.CHNSEAL employs over 500 staff with 350 sets of professional facilities, 22000 m2 of non-dust environmentally and OH&S certified workshops providing over billions of annual production output to service customers from around the globe.

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