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        Delivering security solutions to the logistics industry.
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        Product introduction
         High Security Container Bolt Seal SY-9927C
         Anti-spin &middot; ISO 17712:2013 &ldquo;H&rdquo; certified
         C-TPAT Compliant &middot; Tamper-evident

        ● Hardened carbon steel body with zinc chromate finish & high strength
        ● High-impact ABS coating on the barrel for visible tamper evidence
        ● Metal pin with unique anti-spin 2 &ldquo;fins&rdquo; to prevent friction attacks
        ● Identical sequential number on two parts to prevent parts replacement
        ● Permanent laser marking for the highest printing security
         Customized Options
        ● Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode (Laser Marking)
        ● Standard colors of white, yellow or other customized colors available
        ● Security &rarr; Doors of Container, Trailer and Truck, Railway Wagons, Rail-trains,Vans, High value or dangerous goods
        ● Industries &rarr; Transportation, Food, Power companies, Chemicals, Military, Bank, Government, Healthcare, Mining, Garments
         Instructions for Use
        ● Insert the pininto the slot to close.
        ● Push the barreland the pin on the end until it clicks.
        ● Verify that the security seal is sealed.
        ● Record the seal number to control security.
        ● By bolt cutters
         Material Body&rarr;Galvanized Q235A steel      Coating&rarr; ABS plastic
         Size Check the above drawing
         Colors White (Standard), Yellow (Standard) or other available colors
         Printing Method Laser marking
         Customization Printing &rarr; Customer name, logo, sequential numbers,
         Strength Category >18KN (High Security Seal, ISO)

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