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        Delivering security solutions to the logistics industry.
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        Meter Seal SY-082

        Product introduction
        MaterialLock Body → PC transparent cover & ABS insertWire → Plastic-coated stainless wire
        SizeCheck the above drawing
        ColorsRed, yellow, green, blue or available colors (insert)
        Printing MethodLaser marking
        CustomizationPrinting → Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode
        Strength Category≥ 400N (Indicative Seal, ISO)



        ● PC transparent cover visible to check the locking process and locking integrity
        ● High-impact ABS insert to provide great strength and durability
        ● Pre-cut stainless wire coated with a thin layer of plastic, very flexible
        ● Multi-locking positions for versatile usages
        ● Permanent laser marking for the highest printing security
        ● Easy to apply manually by the user

        Customized Options

        ● Customer name, logo, sequential numbers (Laser marking)
        ● Standard colors of red, yellow, green, blue or other customized color for the plastic insert
        ● Optionally in white or yellow color for the PC cover to print readable barcode


        ● Security → Utility Meters, Fire Extinguisher Pins, ATM Cassettes, Ballot Boxes, Carts, Tote Boxes, Luggage Cases, First-aid Boxes, Various Bags, Storage Cabinets, Drums, Scales
        ● Industries → Power, Express, Chemicals, Banking, Government, Fire service, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Garments

        Instructions for Use:

        ● Insert the wire into the unique hole on the cover.
        ● Twist the insert to fasten the wire on the seal.
        ● Loop the wire through the item to be sealed.
        ● Insert and pull the wire through two holes at the same height.
        ● Twist the insert until it breaks.
        ● Verify that the security seal are sealed.
        ● Record the seal number to control security.


        ● By cutter


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